Pro Formula Mazda

Our entry level car, the Pro Formula Mazda also races in the Formula Atlantic class in the SCCA. It features an Élan Motorsports Technologies carbon fiber tub with a Star Racing Cars chassis and is powered by a Mazda 13B rotary engine mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. The tub includes a fixed bucket seat with Pyrotect six-point harnesses, pushrod front and rear suspension, and BBS center-lock wheels mounted with slicks.

Our entry level formula car, but it will require the following:

  • Clutch release – if you drive a streetcar with a manual transmission, you will be fine
  • Transmission/Shifting – you will need to know how to use a paddle shift system, up with the right down with the left.
  • Braking – Ideally, we prefer that you learn how to left foot brake, but for a first time client right foot braking will work.

Pro Formula Mazda
Base Price: $2,500

What’s included: 2 hours of track time – 4 30-minute sessions or 6 20-minutes sessions (typical)

  • Tires – 2 to 3 heat cycle tires (last to 8), note: we do not recommend new tires for new drivers
  • Fuel
  • Track Support
  • Track Fee’s
  • Personal fuel, we keep you hydrated and fed lightly throughout the day
  • Coaching – consisting of video, data, and driver coaching
  • Video – you will receive all source files from the AIM smarty cam (data overlay) and Go Pro Hero 9 Black (operate 2 throughout the day)
  • End of the day party

“I cannot say enough great things about my day with Corsa Formula. They provided an experience that was far more than simply renting me a car.”

- Rocco M.