The F2

F2/GP2 – Our most advanced car, we require previous formula car experience in a sanctioned series such as SCCA. SVRA, HSR or IMSA. Most of our previous clients are gentlemen racers who have raced F1 or prototype cars before in SVRA, IMSA or HSR. The car requires left foot braking, a hand clutch release and operates a hand activated Drag Reduction System (DRS).

The car was purchased from the F2 Team Prema in 2017. The car last raced in the F2 series in Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina in 2017 and was piloted by Antonio Fuco, who was Charles LeClercs teammate. Prema informed us that Charles had tested this car numerous times over his 2 years with Prema. After Abu Dhabi, the team shipped the engine to Mechachrome to be rebuilt and we
are only 18% into that engine life cycle. In addition, this car was driven by Charles LeClerc, Antonio Giovinazzi and Pierre Gasley

Pricing available upon request

  • Dry weight: 1,400 lbs
  • BHP: 650
  • Lateral G load* 4
  • Top speed: 195mph (turn 12 at COTA with DRS deployed)

Starting in 2005 (under GP2 Series name), Formula 2 cars were powered by 4.0 litres (244 cubic inches) V8, four-stroke piston, Otto cycle unleaded gasoline-burning, prototype production-based, naturally-aspirated engines, produced by Mecachrome. Per Formula 2 rules, the engines sold for no more than €70,000 and were rev-limited to 10,000 rpm. They produced around 640 hp (456 kW; 620 PS) and weighed up to 148 kg (326 lb).

The valve train is a dual overhead camshaft configuration with four valves per cylinder. The crankshaft is made of alloy steel, with five main bearing caps. The pistons are forged aluminium alloy, while the connecting rods are machined alloy steel. The electronic engine management system is supplied by Magneti Marelli, firing a CDI ignition system. The engine lubrication is a dry sump type, cooled by a single water pump.