Where are you located?

We operate out of MSR Houston (www.msrhouston.com) which is approximately 30 minutes south of Houston, Texas in Angleton, Texas. We frequently visit other tracks for test days and races. If you have an interest in a specific track, please let us know.

How much is your program?

We offer a base price for our cars as follows:

  • Pro Formula Mazda (https://corsaformula.com/cars/pro-formula-mazda) $2500 for a full day
  •  Swift 016 (https://corsaformula.com/cars/swift-016) $3500 for a full day

What if I don’t have any experience?

That is OK, as long as you can drive a manual transmission, specifically can release a clutch, you can drive our Pro Formula Mazda. We will guide you through the rest and make sure you have a fantastic day.

What if I have experience?

For drivers who come to us with experience, we typically ask for a drivers resume, that includes training, race results, licenses held, series raced in, etc. The drivers experience determines which car they will start in and what they want to accomplish.

What experience level is needed to drive the F2 car?

To drive the F2 we look for recent racing experience in a major series or development series such as IMSA, Indy or other. A professional license or current ownership and experience in a comparable car is necessary. As much as we would like everyone to enjoy this car, it is challenging to drive and requires an experience level to operate the car correctly and really experience its performance. A driver with less experience than necessary would not have a fun day and could potential hurt themselves.

What is included in the program?

hours of track time – 4 30-minute sessions or 6 20-minutes sessions (typical)
Tires – 2 to 3 heat cycle tires (last to 8), note: we do not recommend new tires for new drivers
Track Support
Track Fee’s
Personal fuel, we keep you hydrated and fed lightly throughout the day
Coaching – consisting of video, data, and driver coaching
Video – you will receive all source files from the AIM smarty cam (data overlay) and Go Pro Hero 9 Black (operate 2 throughout the day)
End of the day party

How does the program work? Travel, etc?

If you are scheduled with us to come to Houston at our home track, you will come in the day before testing for a pre-test day briefing, car fitting and in-service on the car’s operation. In addition, you will receive a drop box link with videos of the car’s performance around the track. If you are meeting us at another track, the same applies.

Flight: You are responsible for coming to Houston, we recommend flying into Houston Hobby Airport as it is closer to MSR Houston.

Hotel: We provide you a list of hotels near the track, in addition there are many nice VRBO’s in Pearland.

Transportation: If you come by yourself or with one other person, we will pick you up and provide all transportation. Should you have many attendees, we recommend renting a car and we will still meet you at the airport.

Can I pay for extra time?

Our program includes 2 hours of actual track time. If you are having a great day and want to keep going to improve time, we can offer additional 30-minute increments at 10% of the daily rate.

Do you offer new tires with each rental?

We do not offer new tires for new drivers. We keep a healthy inventory of scrubbed tires typically with 2 to 3 heat cycles of which the tires will last up to 8-10 heat cycles. If you are an experienced racer, we can offer you new tires at cost. We do not recommend new tires for new drivers, you will not see the value of a new set of tires right away.

What if I want to be a regular renter, do I get a discount?

Yes, we offer discounts to frequent renters after the initial rental.

Do you offer a competitive licensing program (SCCA, NASA or other)?

No, we do not, but we work directly with the competition school at MSR Houston and send driver development clients to them frequently.

Can I bring a family member?

Yes, as discussed earlier, we can pick you up from the airport with an additional 2 people besides yourself. Should you bring more, you will need to secure a rental car.

What if I schedule and there is bad weather? What is the cancellation policy?

We will touch base with you 72 hours before the test day if weather is not looking good. You can choose to schedule another day, or we can give you a 100% refund of your deposit. Weather is frustrating as we have cancelled days that ended up being OK, but we don’t want to run the risk of you coming here and the weather is terrible.

What is your payment policy?

We require a $1000.00 deposit at the point of scheduling, then the balance is paid in full on test day.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes if the cancellation is done 72 hours prior to the test day. Should something happen that is last minute we will consider it. If the cancellation is done less than 72 hours, we require a 50% surrender fee. The reason for this is we have blocked out the day for the renter and made commitments to support crew and those are direct costs to us.

What agreements do I sign?

We have 3 agreements to be signed:

Rental agreement – this agreement defines the terms of what is being provided and what happens if there is a crash/damage.

Waiver and release – this is a waiver and release of liability. As you are aware racing is dangerous and you are participating at your own risk. You release Corsa Formula from any liability as the result of participating in our program.

Driver profile – this is not an agreement but a profile to help us understand your expectations of the day, food requirements, family members attending, etc.

A second waiver and release – the second waiver and release are for MSR Houston and you will sign that one test day just before heading out to your first session.

What is your policy for crash damage, do you offer insurance?

We offer insurance on the Swift 016 and F2 car. We require insurance for the F2 car and depending on the experience and budget of the Swift 016 driver we can insure it as well. We do not recommend insurance for the Pro Formula Mazda as the costs of repairs can be less than the premium and deductible. The underwriting of the coverage, premium and deductible is contingent upon the experience level of the driver.

Should you have an incident and repairs are needed we provide a cost list to include parts and labor. The repairs are to be paid for when the final estimate is completed. These terms are defined in the rental agreement.

Do you provide support for races?

Yes, in addition to proving rentals (and you don’t need to use our cars for track support) we can arrange one or more of our crew to offer you support. This is done through our affiliation with DD autosports.

If I want to enter racing and try to work my way up to a professional development series, how does it work?

We offer a comprehensive driver development program for racers who want to move from amateur to professional racing. Our goal of the program is to guide you through a formalized coaching program with the intent of developing you as a racer. We will advise and facilitate all testing, obtaining a competition license, racing and building your driver resume. Based on your performance and direction you want to go we can refer you to those team owners to submit your drivers resume and hopefully secure a test day.